Go Away Cravings!


I’m sick of battling these stupid cravings. I will be 2 months sober on Sunday. So annoying. I am keeping busy, doing my self-care, getting sleep, all that good stuff.

I still think a big key here is not doing enough rewards. I have a vacation planned, a pedicure set up for next Friday, a big project completed at work, stuff in the future. Nothing for today, in the moment.

What can I do today, that is exciting and rewarding, and feels like it’s special because I didn’t drink? And it probably shouldn’t be food or chocolate or ice cream related since I do those all the time!

I am going to go walk the dog & think about this!

6 thoughts on “Go Away Cravings!

  1. I am completely biased, but I vote for shoes. Or a new ‘do or outfit or something along those lines. … I grabbed my 30-day reward early, and I am thinking of grabbing my 60- and 90-day rewards early, too (because clearance at my favorite shoe store is so hard to resist!). Let us know what you decide. And congratulations on 2 months! Awesome!!!


  2. I am right there with you! I haven’t figured the reward piece well yet. But I am happy to wake up a sober person the next day. But I’m going to search for some daily YAY’s to help get through the madness 🙂

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