Day 62 – Hello Craving


Getting better slowly. I’m guessing that I was on a little pink cloud for a while. During that time I was thinking, “wow, I would love to have that happy pink cloud that people talk about.” So now that my little pink cloud is gone, I finally recognize it. I was on it, but I couldn’t see it.

A conversation with a friend once, went something like this,

“I like God but I don’t believe in the Devil. I don’t like negative things.”

“You don’t believe in God then.”

“Of course I do, I love God!”

“Yin yang. You can’t have a belief without an opposite belief. Otherwise it isn’t anything. Good evil. Right wrong.”


I have thought about this for years. Still don’t have a great understanding.

I was on a pink cloud because I am not on one now. There would be no pink cloud if I did not get off of it. I would just have been.

The concept works better for me with gratitude. I am grateful for things I have because I know how it feels to have not.

As far as my craving alcohol I only am seeing the bad. If an alcohol craving is bad it also has good. Otherwise it would be water. (And no great prophet would need to be changing water.)

Craving alcohol means that I know what it feels like to NOT crave alcohol. I must accept the craving and the NOT craving equally. I can’t have one without the other.

The good news – if I have times of cravings, I will also have times of NO cravings. In order to have NO craving times, I must accept that I will have times of craving.

I will accept my cravings.

I am Craving, and I’m an alcoholic.

Hello Craving.

4 thoughts on “Day 62 – Hello Craving

  1. It tool me a long time but the craving did slowly go. Now it is so long since I craved I worry it’ll hit me and I’ll have no defence!

    Just hang on in there – it’ll get better if you do. Trust me I’m an alcoholic


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