Work, Work, Clean. Repeat.


Going through some resentful and jealous feelings. Trying to turn them around to gratitude statements. Ugh.

  • Grateful for my job. Resentful that everyone else gets the summer off.
  • Grateful to be single & not have to deal with someone else to take care of. Resentful that everyone else has a loving, fun, supportive relationship with their best friend.
  • Grateful to have a home & yard. Resentful that everyone else has a neater, nicer, cleaner one.

Etc. Etc.

My vacation is coming up. A trip to Mpls to see family. I kind of wish I could skip the family parts. (Grateful – family. Resentful-I’m the failure kid.)

Grateful – sober. Resentful – can’t drink. Sigh…

Yesterday I found a moment of passion. I was taking a break from cleaning the office & entering bank statements and was watching a lesson in accounting on Understanding Your Balance Sheet. The interesting part was how the trainer worked with his staff. How he gave them the opportunity to make decisions in their expertise area and how that fit in with the whole picture. The balance sheet became an active, dynamic, alive presence. His excitement & energy is what I try to pass on to my corporate clients about their balance sheets.

Total nerd stuff. But I was engrossed, engaged, motivated & exciited in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I guess, since last summer when I was working with learning & implementing new tax software.

Resentful – work & cleaning & family obligations take time away from fun and passions.

Grateful – nerdy passions.

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