Day 67 – 27 Days of Tough


Thank you to all who have read my continuous litany of (use your whiny voice here) ” this is haaard!”   So, throw some glitter, it’s over.

Was there a magic piece of the puzzle that finally fell into place? Did I choose the perfect rewards & treats? Exercise, eating right, hormones, blog reading? All of it? None of it?

  1. I know I kept trying. THAT was different. Throwing anything & everything I could think of at the tough times.
  2. Knowing that drinking does NOT fix NOT wanting to drink.
  3. My future plans were not going to happen if I drank. I really want my future plans. Life felt very hopeless when I was hungover every day.
  4. I looked at the things I accomplished while NOT drinking. They made me happy. I wanted more.
  5. Stickers. Silly, colorful star stickers every 10 days in my daily planner.
  6. I read LOTS of bloggers days 40-60. EVERYONE felt pressure here. I like being normal. AND the feelings of pressure, craving, crappiness ended for EVERYONE.
  7. Support from “the team” that it will get better.


  • Woke up this morning and thought it was Monday. It’s Sunday! Bonus day off!
  • Stickers
  • Clean sheets
  • Ordering flour. (I bake.)
  • Homemade bagels

6 thoughts on “Day 67 – 27 Days of Tough

  1. Ed

    Iam new to blogs but not new to drinking. Home again from work second time in 2 months hungover.this is my first time commenting on a blog. My future plans were not going to happen if I drank. I really want my future plans. Life felt very hopeless when I was hungover every day. this really got to me. not sure I can do this quite drinking


    • Once I finally started commenting & hanging out more with the blogs it really helped. It still took quite a while to finally even attempt to quit. I got to “try on” how other people were feeling before I got my own confidence up. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Just dip your toes in the water a bit until your ready.


      • Ed

        crap i already slipped not drunk just numb what the fuck. will try tomorrow. iam a good person why do i do this


      • I switched to caffeine free, full sugar soda, super cold, right when I got home from work. After I finished one or two I was much less likely to drink. Then I would intentionaly eat a really big dinner. After two soda & all the meat & potatoes I wanted, I was too full to drink!


      • Ed

        yes i have found if a eat fill my belly i do not want to drink . its that ride home from work iam hungry and get that insane want of nips by the time i get home iam drunk.


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