Day 70 Universe Rewards


What a treat! My first Day 70! The Universe and I have finally met in the middle. That place of ask and you shall recieve. (Well, I guess I was drunkenly asking before and the Universe was answering.)

I have been contemplating a few different life paths and what was my tolerence level for each. Would I move? What would I have to wear to work each day? How many hours a day would I be gone from home? What kind of vehicle would this require? How many people would I interact with each day? Would it require me to care for more people or things?

These questions and answers are how my brain does business.

As I started my Day 70 yesterday I had no answers. Didn’t need any, just letting some things stew around.

I had been contemplating taking a class. The cost was an issue. I threw out an email at 5 am and at 5:30 the cost issue was resolved and I’m signed up for class. Woah. My first reaction was – that must mean it was supposed to happen.

I got in the car with Son #1 to do our candy route business and said to him that the Universe had just opened up for me! Teenage grunt, whatever Mom.

Normally, candy route contains bad surprises. Earlier this month I had pushed through a very tough decision of junking about 80 machines from my garage. The day before, I had finally finished washing the 5 remaining machines that had been on the dining room table for two weeks. I had also taken son #2 to buy a car full of candy so I was ready to leave before 8 am on the route.

Guess what happened – I had the best route ever. I thanked the Universe out loud again. And again, whatever Mom.

In one of the small towns, the $1 movie theater was playing Jurassic World at 2:00. I told him if we worked hard maybe we would be done in time to go. That boy rocked the rest of the day and we made the movie. This time he thanked the Universe!

I wasn’t hungover. I didn’t stop and get wine before we got home. My son said – you will probably be too tired like always when we get home and we won’t go to the movie. But I wasn’t. 70 days sober made a day like yesterday possible. My kids aren’t able to put my drinking and why I was always tired together. That’s fine. But the Universe knows.

I have stayed sober and the Universe is happy. I have made efforts, like junking the candy machines and being prepared. I wasn’t able to do any of this hungover or even the first 60 days of sobriety. But Day 70 is a winner.

Yesterday I didn’t have to plan my own rewards. I was rewarded by the Universe.


  • Signed up for class
  • Easy candy route
  • Movie with kids

9 thoughts on “Day 70 Universe Rewards

  1. What are the candy machines ? Do u load vending machines ? Congratulations of day 70 ! I’m depressingly resetting myself at one , but Belle sent me a list to help me ! I’m very fragile but I CAN and will do this !
    I’ll be reading back through your blog because it was very inspiring to me when I was doing well and did the 100 day challenge !
    I just got stuck in the mire !
    But you’re proof it can be done

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Doing good ! I’m planning to get more help from Belle sign up for some of the calls etc ! Had drama last week but I’m ok now !
    I enjoyed reading about your return from vacay !
    That’s how things hit me too !
    Not the EVENT , but the post , let -down , flop sweat , after math of an event ! That makes me want to drink
    With me it’s not work challenges , it’s usually social events ! Or family events that get me nervous I don’t drink at the events but I want to drink afterwards !

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