Day 80 – Return From Vacation


I am almost too tired to post, but Day 80 needs some love, honor & recognition. Staying sober on vacation was relatively easy – because I planned for it to be easy.

Monday I was up at 3:30 walked before 7 and we were on the road before 8, at Grandma’s condo by 11. Blew up the air matresses first thing so I could come home and go to bed and not face that frustration. Met everyone for pizza and crashed by 8.

Tuesday we walked before 7 am. It was my son’s day to pick activities so we visited comic book stores and went to see Antman in IMax 3D, played mini golf and went for pizza. Crashed by 8.

Thursday was the other son’s day so we walked before 7, went mini golfing, shopped for candy & Lego’s at the Mall of America and went out for pizza & crashed at 8.

Wednesday was my day!!! Walked before 7 and then met Wendy (Untipsy Teacher) at the most beautiful Patisserie. We chatted about sobriety, blogging, our lives, yoga, support & how cool it was to meet another sober blogger! Then we were both off to yoga classes.

The area we were at, is where I used to live. My old doctor’s office, my library, my liquor store, homes where I babysat or had playdates, churches I had attended, gardens and lakes that I walked. I wondered who I would have been if I had stayed.

The yoga class I had signed up for was a yoga recovery class. The first part is an AA meeting and the second part is yoga. The class was led by a certified yoga instructor and recovering alcohol & drug addict. Her certification is Y12SR. She said to search for instructors in my area. There are about 300 in the country.

I had never been to an AA meeting and I had never been to a yoga class. It was amazing! It was everything I had hoped it would be. It will get it’s own post.

Wednesday wrapped up with more pizza with the cousins and more sleep.

I am not walking this morning 🙂 I am unpacked and ready to sit and reflect on my week. I have lots to blog about and not much energy to get it into words yet.

Day 80 is a big number, I planned to come home from vacation and be able to celebrate that number. So – yeah me! I did it.

8 thoughts on “Day 80 – Return From Vacation

  1. Wow – congratulations on 80, and on an amazing vacation! So many great things! Looking forward to your yoga post because I am here in the TC Area and am wondering how, when, and where that all takes place! How cool.*

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  2. Lori K

    Happy 80 days 🙂 Sounds like a great vacation, I love reading Wendy’s blog and the recovery yoga class sounds amazing–the two just seem to go together. xx

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  3. Untipsyteacher

    Dear RL,
    It was awesome to meet you in real life!
    I am super happy your yoga class went well!
    You are such an energetic, fun person!
    Hugs and 80 days is wonderful!

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