Will Work For Stickers


In my planner, there has been a sober day achievement most weeks. A day that is covered in bright star stickers. This week was one that didn’t have a cool magic number of days. So, I decided to make Day 85 my sticker day. When I turn the page in my planner, next week is Day 90 and the next week page turn is Day 100!

Nothing special about Day 85 (coming up in two days) but I sure love putting on colorful stickers. And a week without stickers is just no fun.

I read an article about Carrie Underwood and they took a photo of her day planner. She said she is like a kindergartener, she gives herself a sticker when she exercises, or practices or sticks to her meal plan, etc. She had written in little notes to herself – Yah! Great job! You rocked! Hers did look childish. But I really wanted it!!!

I liked the concept of setting a small goal with a small reward. Just a sticker or writing myself a word of congrats – in a fabulous colored ink pen! And lots of little goals a day means lots of stickers!

Todays Reward Ideas:

  • Buy more stickers!
  • Some cool colored gel ink pens
  • There are some unique font ideas I have saved on Pinterest. I am going to try to handwrite my love/congrats notes to myself in a cool font using cool ink pens & stickers.

5 thoughts on “Will Work For Stickers

  1. You know? This is just plain a little bit of genius! I have a journal that I’m supposed to write this stuff in but, well, I just never get around to it. But my day planner???? Well…yes. And stickers! Never thought of it.


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