Day 90


“,`~`”‘,   This is glitter from the sober party!

Many bloggers have said that Day 90 feels like a real turning point. I would agree.

Looking in the mirror this morning, #1 willingly, #2 one less chin, #3 most definately looking younger, #4 less puffy, #5 no red eyes, #6 no stress, #7 no fear.

I have started and completed more small accomplishments in the last 90 days than in the last 17 years. Completed. Finished. Moving on. No longer overwhelmed by more challenges, but excited to keep gaining more space.

More space in my head, more space in my home and more space in my heart. As I release old bad habits, the new things simply are easier.

I can walk my dog every morning because I’m not hungover. Therefore, each time I walk the dog, I get to build from the day before. When drinking and having Day Ones repeatedly, I also had repeated Day Ones in walking. Repeated Day Ones in yoga, house cleaning, sorting, bill paying, shopping, laundry. I just couldn’t get any momentum. It was crisis control.

The vast amount of memories and unfelt emotions can be off putting, but 35 years of heavy drinking covered up a bunch of yuck. Things I have learned:

  • Thoughts live in the head, get out of your head for a while!
  • Issues live in the tissues. Execise, stretch, meditate, yoga them out of joints, muscles & brain cells.
  • Clean house with intention. Don’t keep moving stuff around. Deal with it. Keep only what you love. Old clothes = old memories. Old memories stuffed in drawers are really just stuffed in my brain and will have to be faced every spring and fall (or during a move or water damage.)
  • PMS is a bummer to intentions. I did not realize feeling down, tired, cravy & cranky were hormonal. I journaled, tracked, put reminders in my day planner – Watch out for PMS symptons! –  to remind myself to eat more ice cream & chocolate and not drink. I still can’t believe that after all this time PMS still catches me off guard. I have drunk through every feeling including these normal hormonal ones.
  • When I crave a drink – I give in… with anything handy. Having lots of treats & reward ideas is key. I keep a list on this blog, I write three things a day in my planner, I buy lots of ice cream. Trying to tough it out is just crazy for me. I will break.

My Day 90 reward was new yoga/walking clothes. I even wore them to work yesterday! The clothes feel great and I looked wonderful & happy. “~`”,’`~'”

11 thoughts on “Day 90

  1. Awesome. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Pms is a complicated one. But being prepared and realizing that’s what it is really helps.
    Stupid hormones!

    Congrats on 90 days. You need to go get a 90 day chip.


  2. mishedup

    90 days is a HUGE deal!!
    Congratulations! And I love your list..all the things that are different today.
    It’s amazing to me how very fast things can change….it doesn’t feel like that when you start but with a little!
    I hope a lot of new folks are reading this…a LOT can happen in 90 days gang!


  3. I have a very good PMS “Early Warning System”: my husband. He always knows even if I’m not up on my calendar. I always say, “no, no, can’t be time yet.” Yep, it is. YES to #1-7.


  4. Congrats on the 90 days. I had 13 months of madness when I tried to control / stop / change my drinking – I had no real idea what I was doing really. One thing I just realised my longest time without a drink in that period… probably about 85 days.


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