Day 100 – Lessons Learned

  1. Take time for yourself.  At the begining of recovery I would take maybe 10 minutes of quiet time a day.  I truly believed that there was no more time than that left over. I now take a minimum 2 hours a day devoted to me time. Half hour quiet am yoga, half hour am gentle walk with the dog, half hour of ice cream & favorite TV show after dinner & half hour reading in bed before sleeping. I actually get more than 2 hours usually and still accomplish more in the day than before I quit drinking.
  2. Make some room. My to-do lists were so long and it created such a feeling of overwhelm. I started cleaning with a different intention. I let go with gratitude. Thank you KonMari tidying. When the physical spaces opened up, my heart had more room as well. There was more time. There was less to-do.
  3. A Rewarding Life. Treats and rewards have been my focus. Reading my past journal entries, I was truly disgusted by myself. Several close friends commented that they had never seen someone with such low self-esteem. I hated everything about me. How I looked, how I moved, how I felt, how I ate, my weight, my body, my clothes, my choices, my drinking, blah blah blah. I was just gross. I started with small treats every 4 hours even when I was super hungover and loathed myself the most. I kept focusing on the treats and rewards. Eventually, I discovered that I could be kind to myself even when, on the inside, I did not feel deserving. This was giving myself unconditional love.


10 thoughts on “Day 100 – Lessons Learned

  1. Lori , I remember reading your early posts and all I thought was ” here is someone whose self esteem is as low as mine ” … I identified , It was positive for me because I could see the need for change !
    You never know who or how you’re going to help !
    Thankyou !
    Making lists today and actually cleaned my car ( filthy dog hair chariot ) woot woot !!!! Sally xxx


  2. Loving the loving! I think a lot of people fail at sobriety because they don’t truly believe they deserve to be happy. This is wonderful news!! You deserve every minute you give yourself as a gift. I think that doing this makes us more willing and prolific givers to others, since we are not living in a state of want. I find it irritating when I hear “I don’t have time for (pedicure, workout, yoga, shopping, hair, etc ANYTHING ME-BASED)”. OHHH yes you do. 🙂

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