Support? What is it?


I am still very new to the concept of support. In the past I got support when I had tried all other avenues. Talking it out, practicing, research, doing it myself. When everything else failed THEN I would ask for help. A therapist, a trainer, a professional. I would get support as the last resort. Things would already be out of hand and painful. An abusive situation, a failed intrumental solo, deep debt, overwhelming home repairs. And of course drinking.

I tried to handle it on my own AFTER it got unmanageable.  Research, practice, planning. All were helpful and part of the solution. But the piece that I find most helpful is the support from others just like me. And especially reaching out before it becomes unmanageable.

It is a slow process for me to ask for help, advice, comfort BEFORE it gets overwhelming. Yesterday was a good day for asking for support at the beginning of an issue. Not only receiving love and understanding but reading and commenting on others.

This would have been a perfect opportunity and excuse to relapse. In fact, thoughts did crosss my mind! But, I checked in here and with a coach and found such support, that I could let my problem & feelings dissolve.

I know for me, I have reached out at different times and been burned so badly that it is scary to ask for help. My thoughts here go to the bloggers who have tried a support group and not found a good fit and it has made it worse. Keep trying but try different things. Quitting drinking doesn’t have only one answer. Find your own recipe for success.

This was my response from my weight loss coach yesterday.

Hi, Lori. I’m so glad you’re walking and doing yoga.


I will eat healthfully on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I will practice yoga on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I will keep surrounding myself with support on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

You are Lori, not a number on a scale, and don’t let anyone make you doubt that!! Losing weight is yet another journey but you have lots of support including me.

9 thoughts on “Support? What is it?

  1. Lori K

    Sounds like a great action plan 🙂 I have trouble asking for help, too, I think we are so fortunate to have this online community to share our feelings. It’s helped me a great deal; I don’t blog but just reading others’ words and commenting helps me feel connected. xx

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  2. I’ve been so many different weights in my lifetime ! I realize now that I started eating emotionally very young as part of dealing with dysfunction and pain in my childhood !
    I totally identify with the part where you lost , then you ” weren’t ready ” and quickly regained ! sometimes the weight feels like a cost of armour !
    When I lost weight when I was younger , I was unprepared and didn’t like the attention I got !
    Turns out , I like being invisible !!
    I’m 53 now and I’ve lost 60 lbs was 300 now got down to 240 . I want to keep loosing and I will if I continue not to drink !
    But I really want it more for the reasons of being able to breathe , being able to walk my dogs and not get out of breath , being able to run up and down the stairs !
    I’m inspired to try yoga too ! But maybe soon ! I’m swimming and walking pups as much as I can .

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  3. Hey!! I just realized your plan is EVERYDAY. HAHAHA! I love your action plan, doing anything is better than the alternative (nothing.) You are an inspiration to me, I’ve been wallowing quite a bit as I wrestle with demon alcohol, but I need an action plan too! I doubt mine will be as advanced as yours but ya gotta start somewhere:)

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  4. thegreatestmelody

    Hey there, thanks so much for following me. That you’re going through the sobriety journey and trying to lose weight, wow that’s inspirational. At the moment Im working in two jobs and going to start another really full on job soon. I feel scared and worried that I’ve got onto this train and I wont be able to handle it. Your blog is comforting me though as I can see others are going through the same thing as me. Take care xx


    • I get that.I think scared and worried sound like appropriate feelings for what’s changing. Getting drunk and being hung over doesn’t sound appropriate. But when we are afraid of feelings and not used to having them it’s backwards. Maybe you could pick three really simple standing yoga stretches. Name it – like My Fear Fighting Arms – do that when the felings get overwhelming. Kind of like snapping a rubberband on your wrist to break a bad habit. Lori


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