Finding Your Pooh Voice


I got really excited about a blog yesterday and I left a comment. Now, I’m second guessing myself! Because I held back and tried to control my words, the response sounded weird.

Anyone one else have blog commenting remorse?

Haha I bet we all have!

I think we all write in some form of Winnie the Pooh characters. Are you an Eyeore, a Roo, a Wise Old Owl? Maybe even the narrator? I know I jump around, mess up my tenses and even though I double & triple check always find one mIsspelling later.

As a reader, I usually have a couple books going at once. A self-help, one on my Nook, one for book club and one that I only read before bed. Mornings are for self help, days are for book club & the ebooks and I have to have a real paper book in bed. A nighttime book that is so compelling that i can’t wait to get up there. (It helps keep me from drinking by going to bed early & is part of my treat/self care plan.)

I think we are all readers here. We look for words and voices for answers. With low self-esteem my first thought is not – find a group of people. (It is starting to be my second thought though! My confidence is growing.)

Just as I have several books/stories going at once, I also enjoy all the stories here. The different styles, the different voices, they all bring me different thoughts & feelings.

I  write blog posts in the early morning. Before real life sets in. If I wrote in the evening this blog would be rather Eyeore-ish. If I wrote in the afternoon I would be Rabbit or Roo. All crazy & jumpy. But writing in the morning I get to use my Pooh voice. Optimistic and excited for the day.

What’s your voice?

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Pooh Voice

  1. I totally relate on this. Sometimes I wonder, do I sound like an asshole? But I look at my comment and say, “did I speak my truth? Am I being myself?” if the answer is yes, then I post. I figure, if I can’t be myself here, where can I? And I have had people come back and say, hey, I appreciated what you said. And that’s what happens when what you say is True, even if you’re not sure it’s right. I love all your comments!!

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