Dear Universe, You Suck


The Universe sends me messages. I drank wine so I didn’t have to listen. Since being sober, I like the messages the Universe has been sending. All is well, heading in the right direction, kind of noises.

What you resist, persists. I just read that this morning. When that message was about – do I have a drinking problem? – we all know that answer – a huge drunk fest happens to let ya know – uh duh!

So when every (well, like it seems every) blogpost, book, movie, story, talks about abuse I am not pleased with the Universe.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I loved this book. I am now going to read everything she’s ever written.

Jodi Picoult made my heart sing and ache with House Rules (she nailed my life with an autistic teen.) Seeing what I do naturally as a mom to my son, truly looks different when you are looking in as a reader. We did House Rules for book club and the ladies asked me if it was really as hard as the book portrays. I was kind of shocked. Did it look hard?! It’s perfectly normal I thought.

When the movie Fargo came out people were making fun of the accents and styles in the movie. I completely missed that is was a comedy. This was just normal. You betcha! Pass the casserole.

So, I read this book Big Little Lies laughing out loud as she nailed these moms perfectly! So funny! Spot on! I was a compilation of most of the moms and I just smiled at what fun this was to read.

Then…ouch. A charcter starts to question the validity of something she thought was normal. Kick to my gut. It’s not? This is what the Universe sees?

10 thoughts on “Dear Universe, You Suck

  1. I think I understand this ! That if you’re trying to avoid or stuff something , the universe keeps laying it at your feet !
    And that it DOES apply to you ! Even if you thought it had nothing to do with you ?


  2. Liane Moriarty is my absolute favorite right now. The first book I read was What Alice Forget, loved it so much I’ve read everything so YES YOU MUST. Big Little Lies was amazing, was that the one with the “blond bobs?” hahaha! I thought about that when I was getting my haircut!! Now I’m all caught up:( Please, Liane, write us another!!

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    • Thank you!! I have Dear Opl sitting on the arm of the chair, page 142, I started reading this morning and can’t stop. I asked my library if they would order it but they said their budget cut meant no teen books for a while. I told them no way girlfriend! My copy will be donated this afternoon.
      I showed my kids your name on the cover & pointed to this response and said – See, that’s the Universe talking. Miss Opl will now get to live here in the heart of Iowa in a little library where she can tell her story because of a blogging connection. How cool is that!


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