Me: Unusually Quiet


I have been busy getting kids back to school, re-establishing my morning routine of yoga & walking the dog, beginning a new self care class AND have been out to lunch twice with friends! Go me!

In this new class I am partnered with a stranger to share my weekly innermost thoughts with. I love it. And my guess was correct – anyone taking this class would be fabulous.

My partner is 24, I am 52. She has been in recovery over 2 1/2 years! She is very wise. Here is a taste of joy I found when emailing with her.

Me: I am only on Day 116 in recovery so you are WAY farther than me! Iā€™m a late bloomer I guess. Haha.

Her: Congratulations, 116 days is amazing! I don’t think sobriety has anything to do with being “farther” than anyone else, but rather enjoying the moments that recovery gives back to you, whatever that means to you. It’s never too late to bloom šŸ™‚

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