Many Congrats & Help Your Library Plea


Congrats to:

  • My birthday #52
  • My sober Days 123 (Month #4 – Wow)
  • Wendy (Tipsy No More) on 1 Year!
  • Shelley (Peak Perspective) on her book Dear Opl

I asked my city library to order Dear Opl. She said due to budget cuts they were not ordering any new teen books! I promptly donated my copy of Dear Opl. Opl discovers her new teen body image through blogging, yoga, meditation and cooking. She is me! I wish this story was written when I was a teen. When I order my new copy of Dear Opl it will live next to my Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.

When I brought my copy of Dear Opl to the library the woman working the desk was one of the middle school librarians. I told her that they must get this book for the school library. Sadly, she said that due to budget cuts they weren’t ordering new teen books either!

Our head city librarian has been wracking her brain to raise money. I have thrown out suggestions but none are feasible, either getting it past “the board” or for time & energy reasons. There are several good ideas already in place at our library;

  • Adopt a magazine. Pay for a subscription so the library can keep it there. I don’t personally get magazines because I know I can check out all my favorites here.
  • In honor of a super library patron who died, his family set up a stand asking for one donated book a month. They have set up an account with his estate money so the library can purchase a book in case one is not donated.
  • Our local bank donates the childrens book award winners every year. A set of Newberry, Caldecott & many others. They help fund the summer & after school reading programs and also send one of the bank employees to read to the kids. The photos make great free advertising and community relations for the bank.

The middle school librarian and I are both in the library sponsored book clubs (her evening, me the lunch one) and we thought it would be a great idea for the book club ladies to donate money so the library can order some new teen books.

I know in my library, there are no current books on recovery. There is one ancient Big Book. The self-help area is grossly out of date. No Martha Beck, no Cheryl Richardson and certainly none of the newest guru’s Brene Brown & Debbie Ford.

My birthday plea to you is, Check Out Your Library!

Request they order Dear Opl by Shelley Sackier for their teen section. Ask your middle school librarians, the school counselor and at risk teacher if they have a copy.

Ask a local business if they would sponsor the award winning books for the kids. Can your book club donate books, magazine subscriptions or time? Amazon gift cards? Our library orders lots of used books.

Donate! Check out the women’s recovery and self-help section. Is it out dated and lacking? Use your Kon-Mari book challenge to donate your copy of The Art of Tidying & your self-help books.

I plan to donate my self-help books, order a couple of cooking magazine subscriptions and order more copies of Dear Opl for the middle school. Besides buying tires for my car (boo for fun) my birthday money will be a joy to spend!!

8 thoughts on “Many Congrats & Help Your Library Plea

  1. Lori K

    What a great idea! I will be checking in with my local library soon. I’ve been wondering if I can do something with the e-books I’ve purchased? I need to read Dear Opl too now 😉 Something tells me I’ll wish it were around when I was younger too. Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday !
    When I read this post so full of ideas and vitality it’s amazing to see the difference in you
    Makes me feel very hopeful for myself as I’m back on track now !!
    Sally xxx


  3. A belated happy birthday to you! And a massive hug of thanks for all that you’re doing to highlight the many, many books that should be in our public and school libraries and available for our kids (and ourselves!) to read. The fact that the budgets are failing us points to a serious need in some course correction. I have so much admiration for the work you’re doing on behalf of readers. It’s noble and worthy and will be appreciated by so many people. You totally rock, my friend.
    And here’s to LONG life on the new set of tires!


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