Bittersweet Birthday


The word, the concept, the feeling of bittersweet has been floating in my head this birthday week.

Bitter & Sweet – At lunch in the tea room  I made the comment about loving dessert & coffee.

Bittersweet – Reading my old journals, finding references to doing yoga poses in 2010. Drinking regrets all the way through. Action plans to reward myself more.

BitterSweet – Cafe, Bakery, Bistro. Searching the internet to see who has done what with the name.

At the Corner of Bitter & Sweet – Thought I had read this book, but we did it for book club and I missed that month. Put it on my wish list.

bittersweet – chocolate – recipes.

Bittersweet sober life quote: Oulander by Diana Gabaldon

You forget your life after a while. The life you had before. Things you cherish and hold dear. Like pearls on a string. Cut the knot they scatter across the floor. Rolling into dark corners. Never to be found again. So you move on. And eventually you forget what the pearls looked like. At least you try.

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