Alrighty Then!


I am channeling Jim Carrey this morning. When just about everything you hear is true and there is nothing left to say….

Alrighty Then!

Time to press forward and put some action behind those thoughts.

Went to The Scorch Trials movie with my son yesterday. Over the last couple years we have read the books together. He loves for me to watch or read what he does so we can “discuss.” And discuss he does. Since I am his mom, it is my job requirement to stay engaged and not too often scream “Enough!”

We got a few groceries, came home and watched Interstellar while eating kettle chips. Since it was very late when we were done, 10:15, there was no time for discussion. The minute he woke up he raced to find me and he opened with this,” I really want to talk about The Scorch Trials with you but after Interstellar there is just so much in my brain that has to come out first.”

I hung in there for 45 minutes. Finally he sighed and took himself upstairs to design galaxies and get his brain back in linear order. Darn you 5th dimension and black holes. You are messing with my son’s gravity!

All three of us are going to The Martian later. Great, more space discussion.

I’m getting out of the house and out of my head today. I am going to move away from my “internal discussion” and talk to my teens about the space time continuum. Ugh. I’m smart but not rocket scientist smart. And I’d really rather talk about me 😉

7 thoughts on “Alrighty Then!

  1. I get computer stuff from one and medical stuff from the other. At least the third one talks about building stuff which I can somewhat grasp.

    It was so much easier when we talked about Legos and Pokémon.



  2. Untipsyteacher

    I will watch space shows with the hubs, now and then, and even go to space movies.
    But, I can’t really discuss them, so I am very impressed!


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