• If anyone is doing Headspace or SuperBetter and wants to be “friends” on those apps let me know. On my SuperBetter app one of my quests today was to use my non-dominant hand three times. I am trying to mouse on my computer left-handed. Another power-up was to sit at my computer and write rather than use my Nook.
  • I had one of my busiest work weeks since April. I have had a stress and tired headache every night. I seem to struggle with thoughts of drinking harder and longer than what I am reading others are (ya, I see that I’m comparing). But I am and I have noticed this week that thoughts of drinking are still happening but I am able to push them away much, much faster.  Last night I ran over to the store while comps were reimaging and stocked up with frozen dinners and a couple different NA things to drink. Still love some diet caff-free coke and also bought some Simply Limeade. I just get a glass or two and then the teens find it. It makes me feel a little less bad about drinking chemicals in a can – as we call pop in my house. I am doing very well with changing my physical responses in battling craving.
  • How else do I credit pushing my drinking thoughts away faster? Meditation. In just these 10 short days of practicing, MY MIND does not want to drink after the cravings come up. I do want to check out and am able to use my physical responses, but my mental response to craving has not followed. But this week, finally, I can feel the shift. I have learned that meditation is like brushing teeth. You need to do it every day to keep the cavities away, not just on weekends or a binge of it (like flossing two days before the dentist).
  • Permission. My self-care guide has really helped me see the concept of, it’s really okay to not choose  PERFECT every time. Self-care is about assessing my body and deciding. Not rules to be followed or failed, as in 10 and 0. Once again, addicts and 5. I shudder at 5, a C, average, good enough. But this week – it was all about frozen dinners. I bought healthy ones, ate heavily throughout my morning  and Voila – was super motivated, blood sugars stable and no cravings or anger during this super stressful week – and even a little weight loss! Instead of constantly feeling guilty about not eating homemade food, I just ate and never thought about it. What a burden lifted!
  • New, short, choppy, red, haircut & color. Just really needing a change.
  • Left handed mousing sucks. BUT I get to push the I DID THIS button on my Super Better app and it will give me lovely noises & praise. Actually, just thinking about the lovely praise makes me want to keep trying – oh yeah – this is brain science – and I love it!

11 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. I love headspace. I used it for a year and have moved on to my own meditation practice.
    Comparing is dangerous. Although I do use the blog and online world to remind me of just how hard early sobriety is, which helps me be comfortable sober, I sometimes unfollow people trigger that feeling in my.

    I notice I easily become defensive and I know it doesn’t help me now.

    Sounds like you are having fun trying new things! Enjoy!!!!!


  2. mishedup

    can i just say i am dying to seed a pic of the new look? 🙂
    Sounds fun.
    I don’t use Headspace, I have been using Insight Timer for my guided meditations..I think I will check it out tho. I have a nice practice of an early morning meditation that is guided and then aim for sitting quietly later in the day.
    Gad to hear it’s getting easier!

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  3. I’ve just added both apps to my phone after reading this post. I occasionally meditate using mala beads and it has an amazing effect. Hopefully an app will help make it more of a regular thing. And yes yes we need to see a photo of that new doo!


  4. We can’t do it all- or rather, we can but if we did we’d do it all really badly. Frozen dinners? No prob!! I was on a two week cup o’noodles fest– carb-o-licious. Then I started to carb-bloat– oh no:( I have discovered that almost all the grocery stores now carry ready-to-eat lunch stuff: sandwiches, packed salads, meat/cheese packs, etc and I’ve been stocking up on those for lunches at work.
    I will be checking out all mentioned apps– as noted in my recent post, my current sober app is “bringing me down, Man!”

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