Separate From My Story


The theme of Lori’s story keeps coming up. My story. My stories. Stories of my life. Stories that define my life. What are the stories I tell myself?

What I heard today finally made sense. If I can recognize my thoughts wandering, then I must have a part of me that is “me” and part of me that is “thoughts”.

Think about that.

How do I know my thoughts are wandering? Because my thoughts are NOT ME!!


To quote The Great and Powerful Oprah…AH HA MOMENT!!!

6 thoughts on “Separate From My Story

    • It is just astonishing that this summit is free. I’m loving the diversity. All these unique voices. I feel like it is a gift. Most of what I have done is to ‘go in search of’ answers or websites or groups. The summit is given to me and all I need to do is listen. I feel so blessed.

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  1. mishedup

    I am loving it too….
    you are referring to Tara Brach, right? She has been a teacher of mine for a long time….her books are so wonderful and helpful. I am in the process of re-reading Radical Acceptance right now for possibly the 5th? 6 th ?time.

    She has a, and there are a zillion meditations and dharma talks on there, all for free.
    Once you start it’s hard to stop.


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