I Am Angry & NOT Sexy


“Anger is only a negative emotion when it is suppressed or dealt with in an unhealthy way.” Debbie Ford in The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.

Exactly people! Especially my family. Don’t go suppressing your anger and then tell me mine is wrong.

Buzzword #1 – Anger

” Allow the world within to manifest itself and it will show you the road to freedom – freedom to be sexy, desirable, talented, healthy, and successful.” (Debbie again)

Why in the world would you put sexy/desirable & successful in the same sentence?  How is sexy any part of what is appropriate to show the world? When I hear someone, especially children using the word sexy it has the same shock value as a child saying Fuck. I heard a mom telling her toddler son, ooooo so sexy, when he was dancing around. Gross!

Buzzword #2 – Sexy

In the book above, that I am reading, we are supposed to look for words that trigger us. She gave a list about a page long of hundreds of words. My thought on most words was neutral. The words that I would not like to be associated with were these two gems.

Anger is the biggest dysfunction in my family of origin and we still battle it to this day. Sexy says that a woman is trying to appear ready to have sex. I have yet to meet a man who has not destroyed his family with an affair. My father, my ex father in law, their fathers, and my ex-husband. They have affairs with women. Sexy women.

So, yeah, you may see some flaws in my reasoning here, BUT they are my buzzwords to heal.

Do you have one? Here’s a few to get you started, lazy, sloppy, irrational, moody, emotional, loud, bigot, anxious, stuck, weak, impatient, tasteless, bad, spinster, needy, energetic, explosive, gold digger, hormonal, bossy, competitive, superficial, frugal, ball-buster, scared, hopeless, bitter, dirty, goofy, immature, sneak, dyke, idiot, stupid, lifeless, empty.

8 thoughts on “I Am Angry & NOT Sexy

    • Its been an interesting read. It’s pretty heavy self-help. A fun one is by Kelly McGonigal The Willpower Instinct. Much broader and lighter and more fun & useful for everyday life. I think you’d like it. It’s a “refreshing” kind of self-help. I like when brain scientists make learning fun!


  1. Untipsyteacher

    Hi Lori!
    I don’t quite understand this but I associate some words with myself, that are not who I want to be, but feel I am…unproductive, lazy
    Other words I wish I was…energetic,

    I hate adults using word sexy with children. Drives me nuts.


  2. Millie

    Sexy makes me feel a little uncomfortable too,more so when it’s used to describe an inanimate object ” ooh, that’s a sexy looking car” ?? as do the words slob and dirty.

    Liked by 1 person

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