Be Careful What You Pray For


Last post I prayed for a new car.

What a stupid idea.

Cuz guess what? I got one.

I wish I had been a little more specific

Because one very large 12 pt buck lost his life so that I now have to get a new car.

I was very VERY lucky. I will pray a thank you for that. I am stiff and sore as expected but not injured.

11 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Pray For

  1. mishedup

    oh no!
    glad you are ok.
    But it’s funny you said that because i often have that stuff happen…getting things i want but in unexpected (and not necessarily great)ways.
    Be careful what you wish for, right?

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  2. witchwaytosober

    oh no. fh lad you’re ok. that happened to my friend..sorta..she intended for a new car, ended up with a more expensive one after her older one got totalled.


  3. So glad you are ok, a therapist once said to me that things do happen for reasons,we don’t necessarily understand why and that it’s not that we wish them upon ourselves but like we have prior inside as to something that is about to happen like we know what the destination is we just don’t know what the journey is and who else it will effect. It may not be that you wished it to happen just that you had insight that somehow it was going to happen


  4. A very wise friend of mine tells about praying to get this new job she wanted. She prayed and prayed… nagged even… she got it… worse job of her life. Her advice is just to pray for the strength to get through what ever is thrown in front of you… deer included

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