Two Car Craving Update



Only 4 days since my last post?!!  Feels like 4 weeks.

I have two cars sitting in my garage right now. One a loaner and one that I may buy for my teen boys. The repair garage/car dealer/towing center/body shop in my little town is run by 3 brothers. A nice perk is I can drive what I am shopping for because they can see the car from the dealership. I have had both cars for a week now. Some things can’t be found in a small town but in a big city you usually can’t drive a car or cars for a week, and keep them in your garage, before you buy them.

Alcohol cravings this week? Through the roof!!!

Though, I am not surprised. And they stayed at cravings – no action. I used my 7 Stages of Acceptance (or The Cycle of Acceptance it is also called) that I have been using to face my car accident to face these cravings:

  1. Normal Existence
  2. Receipt of Bad News
  3. Denial
  4. Anger – Aggression
  5. Depression – Confusion
  6. Bargaining
  7. Acceptance

Craving Cycle of Acceptance

  1. I’m sober & happy 🙂
  2. WTF
  3. I need to check out, this is just too much!!
  4. Yes I can have a glass of wine! You can’t tell me what to do! I deserve this!
  5. But I can’t cuz I’m a stupid alcoholic who ruined her life by drinking too much. I’m such a loser.
  6. What if I just have a little glass? Then this ugly craving and my obsessive thinking will go away. I can just get on with it. It’s just not that big of deal.
  7. Ha – yeah right. 6 months sobriety down the toilet. I know I will drink too much and get sick and waste all of tomorrow. I’m going to bed because that *guaranteed* will make me feel better.

And here I am this morning. Sitting by the fire with 12″ of snow on the ground outside. Chocolate espresso creamer for my Columbian coffee and catching up with my sober friends online. Sourdough starter bubbling away for turkey panini’s the day after Thanksgiving. New kitchen rugs bought free with a $129 gift card that I found with my KonMari cleaning. My dog licking his privates. All the lovely (and less than lovely) moments of a sober morning.


10 thoughts on “Two Car Craving Update

  1. Lori K

    Nothing like seeing a dog licking his privates to bring you back down to earth 😉 You’re doing great, you will be stronger because of this experience. And I bet those boys are excited about that car! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mishedup

    ” dog licking his privates”…hahhhahaaaa, I almost spit out tea!
    That is wild about allowing you to “borrow” the cars..that ain’t happening in L.A for sure!
    Glad things are looking up…screw those cravings, you’re doing great!

    Liked by 1 person

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