Habits & Happy ThanksChristmO’ween!


I did the Meditation Summit, a Self-Care Class, became Sober, took Yoga lessons, did online AA, KonMari Tidied my home, had a Diet Coach, started a Blog and am now parenting TWO teenage boys.

It was a big year for taking care of myself.

After this most recent crisis I have noticed which of the self-care items has stuck. Thankfully – Blogging & Sobriety are still a daily habit. Neither of these was part of my life a year ago. They are true habits and they are interconnected. I wouldn’t have one without the other.

The other stuff is great, but hasn’t made it into daily rotation yet. That’s what my crisis taught me. So much of my self-care has been an experiment. Nothing wrong with that! It all was fantastic but what do I want to stick? What will keep me the strongest through the toughest of times?

There is the holiday call of EXCESS coming up and the settling down of New Year’s RESOLUTIONS. How do I want to play it this year? Excess seems to lead to less self-care for me. And I know that resolutions don’t work for me (or for my old I will never drink again thoughts!)

This holiday season I am going to try to meet myself in the middle. A little less excess and a smidgeon more self-care. Just a little give on either end.

I did a Happy ThanksChristmO’ween Tree this year. My Thanksgiving version has the kids old art on it. Stay tuned for the  next one!




5 thoughts on “Habits & Happy ThanksChristmO’ween!

  1. I don’t lie, resolutions either. Or plans with rules and requirements or even goal.
    I used to, but they always became vehicles to beat myself up.

    Adding even a few of the self care ideas was hard for me because I was afraid I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t do them. Especially when Karin indicated she thought we wouldn’t be able to. That just trigger me to prove I could.

    But stepping back I love most of the Ayurvedic recommendations and am doing them as they fit in my life. So if I get even a couple of minutes of meditation in before I get out of bed, great. If I do my entire routine, which includes a long warm oil massage whenever possible. Great.

    I’m taking it as it comes. Ahhhhh.


    • I think I’m struggling with all or nothing. If I don’t make all of them a routine I failed. I didn’t mention any of the great things I already do! Like they don’t count. Instead I’m focusing on what I’m NOT doing. I could be a little gentler with my thoughts. How interesting about “vehicles to beat myself up”. That strikes a cord but I’ve never really explored that thought. Thanks


      • The other thing that’s helped me is to stop thinking about them as a ritual. If I need to clean my tongue while what ting with a kid, that’s ok!
        Every moment doesn’t need to be silent and meditative for it to be helpful. I can sing my mantra in the car!


  2. Millie

    Love the tree!! and resolutions are usually just vehicles that set us up for failure. I think “a little less excess and a smidgen more of self care” should be your resolution, it’s a good one, a bit from column A and a bit from column B, nice and balanced as life should be.

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