Setting Schedules


One of my jobs is to set the schedule for the next 6 months for a staff of 16. Guess what – I can’t make them all happy 😉 But the lesson I learned last year and am re-learning this year is

Don’t schedule myself last.

Typically I let them all choose what they want and then I physically do all the rest. I mean really! Just reading that sounds like a terrible idea! But isn’t that what we expect from our bosses/managers/owners? I know that my boss will fill in every gap as well because she owns the offices and she has created a lifestyle from 27 years of ownership that supports that.

For me, I am a single mom with a job. My lifestyle is to support my family first. During my meditation month there were speakers that were career mothers. They all spoke of the burnout and the importance of family first. There were no references to “going home to a glass of wine” but lots of references to “a cup of tea” after a long day. Who would notice that? Oh, maybe an alcoholic?!

Today I have scheduled myself to leave at 3. The other offices are open until 6. The guilt is terrible. I am going to have to trust. If someone says they can work then I need to give them that space. I do not need to do as much as they do just to prove that I am a worthy manager. The one who works the most billable hours typically “wins” in society.  And the opposite of a winner is a loser.

I want to change my definition of being a winner. A winner changes what she can, let’s go of the things she can’t change and asks for help when she doesn’t have the wisdom to figure it all out. I think I have heard some catch phrase like this before?!


8 thoughts on “Setting Schedules

  1. Perfect.
    I work a partial schedule. Of course, I get paid a partial salary.
    I work the hours I am expected. In the beginning this was hard. I felt like I was missing opportunities or like everyone else thought I was slacking off.

    But the truth is I complete my expected work in my allotted time. I know better than to take on more than a 70% work load.

    My priorities are clear. Most people I know are envious that I have chosen this path.

    The motto used to be he who sides with the most toys wins. It just doesn’t work for me anymore.

    Schedule yourself first.

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  2. Untipsyteacher

    Oh Lori,
    This is so true.
    I worked myself so hard, and would go in almost every weekend to school, spend all hours after school preparing lessons, and doing more at night.
    The days I missed being at school instead of being with my hubs, I can never get back.
    Take care of you and your boys!

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  3. Millie

    There shouldn’t be any quilt in wanting to work more effectively, in fact you’ll probably find yourself more productive in the hours that you are in the office. Work smarter not harder.

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  4. It’s so great that you started considering yourself in the schedule too! I think all of us who work and are mothers struggle in the work/life balance. I’m really lucky to be supported by my boss, who also has young kids in his 40s. Sometimes I get to work later than everyone, and sometimes I also leave early. I used to worry about it a lot, about what people might think about me. But I know I work hard and efficiently and I bring a lot of value to our team. Oh god, is that corporate speak? But it’s really really wonderful to have a job where I know I can put my family first without stressing about it. It’s the reason I put myself through the stress of living in another country and learning a new language, and I don’t take it for granted. I’m going to take your move to heart, though…you’re kicking it up a notch, not scheduling yourself last! 🙂 So awesome.

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  5. I’ve been part time employed for a while now, whilst I take on other challenges and opportunities alongside my work. I’m comfortable with it… but so many others aren’t – I get questioned as to what my level of worry is about being overlooked for promotion etc. errr… I’m not bothered… But worse is when filling in forms for banks etc. I put down I’m part time – they seem to instantly assume that is because I’m sick, or unable to hold down a job… no it is a choice… that normally flummoxes them totally. Oh well their problem not mine

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