Word of the Year – Doer


I don’t know if Doer is even a real word but it fits what I want exactly.

The concept came from A Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Dreamers vs Doers. I am a dreamer. I LOVE to plot and plan and organize myself, my family & my staff in cute calendars and planners with fun stickers and bright markers. But…what really gets DONE? Not much.

I put in what I will clean, who I will call, how many bills will get paid, the appointments, each meal & snack. But the dreams…oh the dreams… those have a separate Mead 5 Star notebook in different colors and always the #2 Ticonderoga perfectly sharpened, obsessively sharpened, yellow pencil.

The dream notebooks are my journals. Every “I wish I could stop drinking” sob story, the weight loss & exercise plans, the self-help quizzes and self-discovery, grocery lists, plans for travel, the future me.

Last year my turn around point was applying “Massive Action” to my drinking problem. I DID something. Rewards, treats, actvities and most importantly – people. Real humans. Not case studies in a self-help book.

I believe that there are two things that change me.

Movement & People

Interactions & exercise. Get out of the chair & go to lunch. Blog & take the dog for a walk. Join a group & find a real-life yoga teacher. Go to a movie (both people & movement). Sounds great right? But…

With this movement & people action, sadly comes failure. When I am home in my recliner, writing my dreams I can control the outcomes. When I leave this safe place bad things can happen.

And they did.

This last one took me down for two months. I found myself and my kids not getting dressed for a week. Ordering our necessities online instead of going to the store. Streaming tv and downloading books. Not blogging or reading. I kept making my world so small that I could control it again.

Maybe I’m just healing? I really wanted that to be true. I wasn’t depressed but I was disinterested. I had lost my desire to get up and try again. I just wasn’t doing…anything.

So this year is going to be about doing. Being a DOER and a dreamer. Movement & People. Less isolation and more interaction. TV and treadmill. Walking and talking. Reading and writing. Failing and getting up. And getting up…. And getting up… And getting up…..


13 thoughts on “Word of the Year – Doer

  1. Lori, I’ve missed your posts!! But I’ve seen you out and about leaving nice comments for people:)
    I like your word. There is a lot of fear associated with doing. But there is also a thrill in saying, “fuck it, I’m gonna wing it and see how it goes.” I wing it a lot. hahaha. I should probably be more prepared (but that’s MY thing). BUT ANYWAY yes, yes, good word and perfectly legit. Happy New Year, this is going to be a good one for you!! :))))

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  2. I’ve been largely absent from the reading scene, so I need to maybe back up a bit in your blog to see what happened here, but, whatever it was, I’m sorry to hear it. In the meantime,

    I LOVE YOUR WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I don’t care if it’s real or not, it speaks volumes to me. I was just sharing with a friend that I needed a sign to point me in a direction, and I’m not kidding, this post did it for me!

    It also reminds me I need to write a blog post wrapping up last year’s word and announcing this year’s word! I can’t wait to read how this word transforms your 2016!


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