Family/Small Town Frustrations


I heard a rumor that my father-in-law drove off the road, had a stroke and some of his body parts froze off. My ex won’t return my call and I don’t know what to tell the kids about their Grandpa.

Grandpa is an alcoholic and my ex owns a bar. Oh, by the way, have I ever mentioned that I used to own a bar? From what I have heard there isn’t a replacement yet for the bartender that was fired. My co-worker is upset because my ex’s wife has been bartending and isn’t showing up to help teach at church in the morning

I’m afraid my kids are going to hear news about their Grandpa, which supposedly happened Saturday, today is Wednesday, at school or Cathecism tonight.

This town has about 1700 people. My ex can operate a phone. Someone needs to tell me what the F is going on.

My imagination goes to the alcoholic wife of my alcoholic ex serving my VERY alcoholic father in law and he drives home 6 blocks from the bar just like he does every single day. This is going to be ugly and written off like alcohol didn’t play a factor.

So frustrating and so incredibly sad.

4 thoughts on “Family/Small Town Frustrations

  1. Lori K

    Wow. I don’t have children so I dont feel I have a “right” or “authority”to offer advice, but I would say be honest: I’ve heard Grandpa has been in an accident but I can’t get any details. It’s the truth, and I think it’s better than saying “oh yes I heard about that but I didn’t know what to tell you” after they do find out.

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  2. Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about your kid’s grandfather, I will say prayers for him and his family! Frustrating and sad… two excellent words to describe this situation. Do your kids keep in regular contact with their dad? Maybe you could get them to call him? What a mess, let us know how this turns out!


  3. Millie

    Oh! Jeez Lori, what a sad chain of events. I hope you and the kids find out exactly what happened, so inconsiderate of people not to advice you directly. My hubbs owns bar too – so yes, I can completely understand hospitality politics, bet you’re glad to away from it. Hope everything is ok.


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