Small Town Dating


So, it’s been a week since I started talking to a single guy here in town. We talked on the phone every night. On Saturday I went to his house to meet him.

Holy crap, when he said remodeling I thought he meant the kind we see on HGTV. To put it very kindly, not quite a scene even worthy of a before picture. More like post apocalypse. Sigh…

The coversation was still good in person and he has a sweet dog, so I invited him back to my house for supper. My remodeled home does look like an HGTV after photo. My dog looks like a small horse. He brought his homemade canned spaghetti sauce and we talked about our love of fresh food and gardening. We watched some HGTV  together holding hands after he finished drying the dinner dishes. I sent him home at 8 because it was half an hour past my bed time. I also gave him some of my homemade apple bread to have for breakfast. Which he also shared with his dog. Bonus points.

Sunday I needed to go to work to move crap between offices. I invited him along. My tire pressure was low and he has an air dohicky thing right in his machine shed that puts air in tires. Huh. I just figured the tires would just feel better when the weather got above zero. Cars aren’t “my thing”. At the offices he hauled the crap, which was nice. Then I got a few groceries and he pushed the cart. We hung at his place for a while trying to figure out if there was any physical chemistry between us. He wasn’t my Jamie from Outlander, but, ya know, mm mm Jamie…. oh yeah I guess I’m no time travelling nurse who can rescue her man either 😉 I invited him back for supper again and made potato soup & garlic breadsticks. We watched some more HGTV Log Cabin Living holding hands. Kicked him out at 7.

Last night I had to leave work early for my son’s dental appointment and I had an extra hour. I invited him to go to Walmart and he drove. (He’s the one who told me about my father in law.) We returned some crap and I bought an air filter. Then I asked him in for supper. He offered to install the air filter but i said no. That is my son’s job. I did baked beans & made from scratch cornbread and we watched The Ridiculous 6 on Netflix with the boys. Beans, cornbread & a Western comedy was a good fit. Kicked him out very late, it was almost 8! My kids wanted to see the end of the movie so it was a late night.

Some of the small town drawbacks to this easy friendship:

  • We know the same people. We saw a guy at Walmart – I like his wife and our kids are the same age. My guy has had a feud with this guy since high school.
  • He doesn’t get along with his brothers. His brothers wives are or have been teachers for my kids.
  • He know about me from the rumor mill. I have never heard of him but I did work with his then-wife at the greenhouse in 1999.
  • Because I live on the main road in town EVERYONE can see – and comment- on his car in my driveway.
  • Mutual friends of both of ours have been trying to set us up for amost two years. Up until now we have both said no. They are watching carefully to see if “we take”.

6 thoughts on “Small Town Dating

  1. Millie

    Good for you for putting yourself “out there” , it’s hard enough without local sticky beaks, anyway, it’s your life not theirs and by the sounds of it, some of them need to get one of their own. The worst that can happen is that you’ve made a new friend – win/win. x

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  2. And cue Bonnie Raitt: “Let’s give ’em something to talk about!” Can you hear it?? “People are talkin’, talkin’ ’bout PEOPLE…”
    I grew up in a small town (it was small then, now it’s part of the SF Bay Area) and I was lucky enough to MOVE THE HELL AWAY FROM IT. I never have to see anyone I ever dated (unlike my husband, who has ducked behind grocery aisles to avoid old GF’s because he’s lived in this town since he was 12. hahaha!!) I did do an unfortunate round of “shitting where you eat” ie: dating a coworker. It’s ever so slightly awkward when I see him now.
    Anyway, good for you! sounds like you are having fun and fun is good. If he’s your someone you’ll find way to work it out. If not, like Millie says, you have a friend. Now take care you don’t stare just a little too long or laugh just a little too loud:)


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