I looked different this morning, there was a slight tan to my skin. Me, the ultimate pale skinned, only burn outside girl. Just the little bit of time spent outside at the farm has given me color.

It shows me that I can change. I can walk out my door and keep working on health.

I reminded myself that I would have achieved one year sober in early May if I had not begun a relationship. (possibly) I did go 7 plus months straight without drinking and the rest of the time was more not drinking days than drinking days. Does that make me want to celebrate? Meh

Days in a row means something. 7 months in a row meant something. It meant that I had started a sober life with no excuses. Only putting myself first.

Now I’m not alone. It is WAY diferent.

But I still have to learn to put things in the right order.
1. My faith first.
2.Then My Self will follow.
3.Then I do not need to worry about others.

Constantly adjusting and fine tuning how I choose to live my life. I don’t want to get swallowed up again by drinking. It takes away my choice.

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