Old Tools


I brought back some of my favorite old tools for staying sober. Taking a teenager with me to the store and going to bed at 7 with a book. I have been pushing my edges pretty hard lately. I just am not a stay up late girl. I checked out a stack of books and magazines from the library to help battle the after dinner “what do I do for 2 hours until bed?” feeling. And bought myself some healthy cold cereal to replace the pail of chocolate ice cream that has been my latest comfort. Special K cranberry coconut almond tasted pretty good last night! Having a sober lifestyle of good choices behind me, make this much easier. I know I feel will feel good.

Once I let go of worrying about what others were going to think about my journey of sobriety, I let go of the shame. I’m not going to be the one who made it. But I’m not going to be the one who got sucked back in and couldn’t climb out again.

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