Driving a Backhoe


My Year of Yes life theme sometimes takes weird turns.

Around a farm there is large machinery that needs to be moved, and it takes two people. One car to get us both to a different farm, one to drive the Backhoe home and one person to drive the tractor. Then the tractor goes back and the car is driven home.

After ADAMANTLY  refusing to drive the backhoe, “It’s your year of yes.” is once again used by said boyFRIEND. (Why I ever shared that with him is beyond me! It seemed CUTE at the time!) Friends don’t let friends drive drunk backhoes.

There is a thing called – automatic clutch. Which means you don’t use a clutch pedal but still need to shift gears. I wish you could see what that means in a backhoe. The shifter on the floor uses the entire range of motion in my shoulder! All 5’1″ of me. The steering wheel itself goes from my waist to my nose. And the Backhoe itself is jointed in the middle. It has a wide bucket on the front and a scoop thing on the back. (But not like Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel – we are just driving the “small one” today.)

Two miles of gravel and one mile of county highway later and I have driven the Backhoe home.

End of story – NOO

The boys and I went out to the farm to grill steaks and relax. But those words are not spoken when the sun is shining on a farm. Pretty soon my friend the Backhoe comes around to the garden and we are to put the sticks in the bucket. My 16 year old and I get some gloves and do this NOT relaxing and scratchy job. My one week shy of 14 year is playing asparagus hunter with a knife.

We finish sticks and once again sit. Pretty soon we hear the backhoe calling. Ugh. But he is calling the child who is one week away from getting his drivers permit. My older son and I look up and guess who is DRIVING the backhoe! Yes, he was told that if his mother could drive the backhoe it should be easy for him. (Not alone! The boyfriend is there – unlike when I drove.)

So…my saying YES gave my son the once-in-a-lifetime experience of driving and dumping sticks from a backhoe as his first ride AND getting to shock his mother at the same time. (This kid struggles with the social requirements of society. What a fantastic memory for him 🙂

I said YES to taking a risk and leaving my comfort zone. And my kids are looking to me as their role model. It is scary! But a life without being tied to a wine glass is pretty exciting! A normal Sunday night of TV and red wine led to a bad Monday. But look at this new life! I’m very happy that sober is sooo much more fun.

2 thoughts on “Driving a Backhoe

  1. mishedup

    I am loving reading your posts…so glad you are back. You sound happy, like things are going well. And you sound clear on what you want nd need…sobriety being one of those things. Keep writing!
    so glad to see you back
    (now i want to drive a backhoe!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! That’s a much more exciting Monday than I had. You are always an inspiration to your kids, they notice everything we do. Well done for showing them such a strong capable woman…and yy to carrying on writing, your description of driving made me laugh!

    Liked by 1 person

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