29 Days to Stillness


Peace is in the marrow of my bones. When I meditate I can feel it there. I also recognized that I am holding tons of stress in my ankles & toes. Usually I am a shoulder & hip stress girl. 

After meditating yesterday, listing my house and a good nights sleep I wrote a very angry letter to my boss. And then I got a very quick response back that she will finish what she started an entire year ago and will get me the contract to buy the offices. I had absolutely reached my breaking point.

Then I got an email from my mom’s best friend telling me what a strong independent woman I am and that she is proud of me for making a good financial decision to sell my house.

Wow! I knew when I started this book my life would change in 30 days and I’m rocking these first couple! 

My son also took a chance and cut off at least 6 inches of curls. After 3 years of the same style he said while she was cutting ” Wow – I’ve never felt water on my scalp.” Haha – it’s true he had a mass of hair. As he’s turning 17 in a couple weeks he definitely looks like a man now. 

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