Self-Care for Today


This summer we all flipped bedrooms to maximize exposure to the most air conditioning possible…and my youngest and I are going to keep it this way. (He made himself a 14 year old man-cave in my old closet.) As part of doing some massive self-care to recover from this breakup, I moved my mattress last night. I got to sleep in my own bed again with clean sheets. 

The craving to drink was pretty strong but I had some Squirt in a Pioneer Woman goblet and watched Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance. I still didn’t sleep well but am plugging along.

I chose to go to a tax class yesterday just to have some girl time, even though I didn’t do the homework and my eyes were still red & swollen. That was an excellent self-care choice. I am not alone on this issue of panic when someone pulls back. My girlfriend learned in therapy that it comes from low self-esteem. What?!? Not me?!? Haha 

Even through all this work of getting sober, rewards and self-care I’m not done working on myself. I would really like to say – How can anyone not like me, I’m FABULOUS! (Actually I did just say that. So there.)


  • I have another lunch planned with friends. 
  • I’m blogging. 
  • I got out the directions for the treadmill (baby steps).
  •  And I’m going to push hard at the thing that helps me the most – getting a schedule in place to get caught up. My brain is too foggy from emotions to actually do the work, but a schedule breaking it down to three manageable items a day works wonders. 

Hopefully Monday finds me back on track as far as work issues. This breakup thing will take time and tears. 

6 thoughts on “Self-Care for Today

  1. Hahahah! I love that you got out the instructions. BABY STEPS. And yes, you are FABULOUS. Obviously. I love a schedule. I’m practically a robot. Or maybe an ant following the scent trail and when the trail gets blocked I freak out (like in “A Bug’s Life”). I schedule/calendar my bills, my work appointments, my lunch dates, my phone calls with friends; I send my family calendar appointments. Having a schedule makes me feel like I have my shit together and when all my turds are in a herd I don’t stress out and worry about them. Then I can relax (it’s on the schedule) 🙂

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