Angry Day


I feel like I have hit the anger stage. 

I’m angry about giving away my time and not feeling like I got enough in return. I’m angry that so much of my free thoughts are spent thinking about the ending of a relationship. I’m angry that I have no patience to wait 3 minutes for the emotion to pass. I’m angry that I’m angry!!

I listened to the Bubble Hour yesterday. One of the take aways from Jean & Anne was that while drinking, yoga seemed too slow. Life was fast paced and jumpy. Both of them referred to now, during a crisis, yoga helps look to stillness. 

How I feel now – crazy, angry and frantic. How I want to feel -looking for the stillness. 

I noticed this morning when I was researching biscotti recipes, that my mind was totally occupied. I did experience that lack of frantically trying to turn off the crazy. I would like to move to searching for stillness instead of searching to make the angry stop. 

Self-care goals for today: DONE

  • Put the DVD player next to the TV & find the yoga video 
  • Put the yoga mat & basket of blocks etc. next to TV
  • Actually turn on the treadmill   BONUS walked for 10 minutes &  listened to Gaby on The Bubble Hour
  • Do a meditation
  • Cook and blog about it.

6 thoughts on “Angry Day

  1. Hi Lori!
    I think the simpler you can make things right now, is good.
    I try to think of just 2 things to do a day in terms of self-care.
    I can get crazy thinking about all the things I should be doing.
    Just getting up, making the bed, reading the paper with coffee is a plus in my book.
    I know it took me a long time to switch from crazy to calmness, and there are days, and sometimes weeks where I can feel anxious.
    You are a wonderful person just as you are.

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  2. The stillness is simpler. I long for simple. I move in that direction.

    Letting myself do that was hard. Everywhere you look more is demanded. Be more, buy more just do it.

    It’s all so tiring.

    Be angry. Then cook. It’s it’s own firm of meditation.

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    • Ooh I like that Meditative Cooking. I hadn’t thought about the outside demands of more. I’m fighting that this morning with an obligation I don’t want to go to. It will be good for me to go instead of isolate, so I’m going to try to stay very “present” in each moment.

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