Financially Sober


Who knew? I have learned so much more about the different addictions ( And like when you take abnormal psych in college – I think I have them all! Ha) 

But, good gravy – this one is MINE! 

I understand how you can apply sobriety to everything- in general. But the concept of truly, deeply working my money issues as hard as I work my drinking sobriety never occurred to me. 

It feels like how I tried to stop drinking

  • I won’t spend money today
  • Argh-girls are ordering pizza at work, ooh BLT pizza my favorite!
  • I bet the kids are out of milk (fabulous excuse to buy wine!) Plus 10 extra items so the cashier won’t realize I’m just here to buy wine
  • Will someone get the mail please? I let them put it on the table and I don’t even touch it or acknowledge it.
  • Open e-mail, see message from bank. Quickly switch to FB or Pinterest
  • Definitely NEED wine now. Commence drinking and after a bottle and a half definitely feel sober enough to order online book on how to manage my money and my drinking. HA
  • Wake up with regret on overspending and hungover. SUPER FUN

One of the big things I keep hearing is….addiction is a distraction fom pain.

Well, I guess – duh. But why couldn’t I recognize that before? My money habits are keeping me back from from being honest. Honest about sobriety surrounding drinking and honest about sobriety surrounding money.

This is kool beanz. Thank you Meadow DeVor

6 thoughts on “Financially Sober

  1. green&sober

    This is me. Still struggling with the financially sober thing. I am definitely getting better (22 months sober) but it is something I have to consciously work on over and over… x

    Liked by 1 person

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