A Rewarding Night


I am proud of myself for recognizing some early triggers.

After work I wanted to keep moving and go out to the garden. I realized I was also pushing my kids to do their chores. Finally one of them said that he just needed to sit a minute. Ahh…yep, I do too, I said.

I was mentally tired from a fun weekend that let me forget about work. Monday was tough getting back on track. But somehow, that is not okay to my drinking brain. Keep pushing and then collapse/stop with a glass of wine.

Once I committed to resting, the cravings started. Staying busy eases cravings, but it also makes me exhausted and then I can’t so no to the craving. 

My rewards & treats to keep sober were

  • Eating – one whole row of Rice Krispies bars ‘IS TOO’ one serving, I explained to my kids.
  • Then I cooked 3 potato dishes for the week. Potatoes & cream of mushroom soup ‘IS TOO’ a recipe I said to myself.
  • Finished season 2 of Outlander…sigh…Jamie….

The craving was gone and I happily and feeling very full, climbed into bed sober. And I am sooo grateful this morning. 

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