A Quiet Day


My son stayed home from school. He was tired last night and was starting a fresh cold. He really isn’t sick enough to stay home, but I knew that three days of rest fri-sat-sun would help him emotionally relax. Junior high has been horrible for him. Sometimes a little self-care upfront is more helpful than waiting to fall apart and become sick “enough” to stay home.

And I thought….what a good idea. I could really use a long quiet three days myself. With autism son at high school today, the house is sooo quiet. The dog, my boy & I are just hanging out in our pj’s. Very very quiet.

I am working my way through Money Love, Co-Dependent No More, and Kary May’s Handbook to Happily Not Drinking At All. So much good stuff! And all positive.

 My new blog is taking shape slowly and finding it’s voice. 

I’m looking at my future with new eyes. Not wondering how I will fit drinking and hangovers in to my routine has left me loads of time. I have to watch my inner “energizer bunny” though. I love to fill that extra space with to-do lists. 

But not today…or Saturday….Or Sunday. It’s time for quiet.

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