Exercise – Me?!? 


Deep pressure input. 

After discovering my tendency to hyper (formerly called crazy) I decided I needed to try some deep pressure input. (Ahem – exercise) 

When my sister had a form of polio, she used a therapy called myofascia release. Deep pressure input was how the massage therapist described it. She told us it would probably also release deep emotions. 

When my sister was in hospice she also had a massage therapist, but the focus was on comfort care. In hospice they work with the family, and I got a neck massage that about did me in emotionally. The therapist smiled and said I was ultra sensitive to massage therapy. Because of the overwhelming emotions I have not wanted to get a massage because I am afraid of all that emotion bubbling up at once.

I have discovered this is also a block for me to keep at a daily yoga practice. It is so emotional! I cry every time. (Going to work on that though 🙂

So I used the theory of releasing energy through muscles and got on the treadmill with the strength workout. I’ve always loved strength training versus running. I’m hoping that the deep pressure input from using my bigger muscles will help me calm down and focus during the day. So far so good! 

After doing yoga though, I definitely feel I am missing some range of motion if I only use my big muscles. I like that a good yoga routine massages basically ALL the muscles including my facial muscles.

I can’t believe that changing the wording from exercise to deep pressure input has changed my mind block on exercise. 

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