Define Stress


“I’m so stressed!” I said that to myself in the mirror this morning at 4am. 

Then I hit myself upside the head and said, “Really….? Is it really stress?…”

In the same way I have used alcohol to fix any stress, I have used the term “stress” to define any uncomfortable feeling.

I am actually not exhibiting any stress. I have quite a bit going on:

  • Showing my house on Saturday
  • Closing on my new tax offices Friday
  • Holiday party today
  • Signing leases for new tax offices today
  • Transferring TONS of money around that is so big it can’t possibly be real money 

I am not stressed, but excited and nervous, with a big side of a lot on my plate in the next couple days.

I am sober and confident and am so ready for my new life to begin 🙂 

Go me!