Define Stress


“I’m so stressed!” I said that to myself in the mirror this morning at 4am. 

Then I hit myself upside the head and said, “Really….? Is it really stress?…”

In the same way I have used alcohol to fix any stress, I have used the term “stress” to define any uncomfortable feeling.

I am actually not exhibiting any stress. I have quite a bit going on:

  • Showing my house on Saturday
  • Closing on my new tax offices Friday
  • Holiday party today
  • Signing leases for new tax offices today
  • Transferring TONS of money around that is so big it can’t possibly be real money 

I am not stressed, but excited and nervous, with a big side of a lot on my plate in the next couple days.

I am sober and confident and am so ready for my new life to begin 🙂 

Go me!

5 thoughts on “Define Stress

  1. I do that too, tend to label any unusual feeling as stress. What’s the definition…change? Think it’s something like that, so stress can be good or bad and usually is the former in the long run. It’s hard to get a breath this time of year but it certainly sounds very exciting! Enjoy your stress! 😊

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