Day 2 – I Blew It Bigtime


I drank.

I drove.

I fought with my friend.

He told me to go home and that he needed space.

My drinking has only been to hurt myself. I can’t believe this is me.

I simply can’t comprehend what I’ve done.

For the first time it wasn’t just stupid, it was harmful.

I am going to stay close to this blog, my lifeline. 

This storm will pass and I will be different on the other side. And no matter how rocky it gets, I will be better and more whole than I am right now. 

17 thoughts on “Day 2 – I Blew It Bigtime

  1. mishedup

    oh Lori…

    I’m so sorry.
    I don’t know what kicked this off, but it always sucks.
    Stay close to the blogs…
    maybe hit an AA meeting, IDK, real life help really made the difference for me.
    But please don’t beat yourself up too much, that won’t work, and could give you an excuse to drink more.
    It’s over. You don’t ever have to drink again…such freedom in that.

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  2. I am sorry, Lori.
    I know the pain you are feeling.
    All I know is that I had to write my blog, find a life coach, go to AA, tell all my family and friends, got a therapist, told some of my yoga buddies and yoga teachers.
    Just one of those pieces weren’t enough for me.
    Much Love,


  3. Sorry to read this but on the other hand pleased that you are here being honest about it. That says a lot. Never give up trying to give up.

    I support the advice above – find real life friends close to you that can help, I’m sure they are there. I know it is a huge step – as it was being here. Good luck


  4. Lori,
    Glad you are okay (physically at least) and you have the opportunity to try again today. I’m sorry you’re hurting. Keep trying. And I found therapy helpful too when I quit. Resist the urge to beat yourself up(we’ve all been there) and take care of yourself.



  5. sending supportive thoughts. I think any of us who are sober know the feeling of having a slip up. It hurts on so many levels. But remember all the progress you have made–one mistake doesn’t make all of that go away! ❤ Hang in there.


  6. We all have our falls, we just need to get back up and be stronger and better. You will come through if you commit and REMEMBER what happens if you take that sip, it gets worse every time. I wish you the best of luck and support. We all know the hardest thing to do is to give up something that we “love”. One day at a time. Write, talk and don’t give up!!! You are so worth it!


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