Day 7 – Ugh..Friday – Planning Ahead


A long lonely weekend is looming. I can feel the sadness ready to take me under. I haven’t eaten since 11 am yesterday. I barely slept last night. I have to keep pushing to stay on top of this wave of sadness. I don’t want to become vulnerable to making a bad choice. I’m going to brain storm ideas.

Today: Make my bed. Work hard and stay present. Surprise office #1 with lunch. Make a list on my phone of all the self-care I do today. Listen to podcasts while driving.

Tonight: Pizza with the boys. Watch Netflix. Yoga Nidra. A before bed yoga routine. A meditation while laying in bed. Read. Pray.

Saturday early morning: I have neglected my own books. Time to balance the checkbooks. Energizing yoga routine. Quick power walk the dog for energy & fresh air.

Saturday: Make my bed. Fill candy machines. Maybe go to work, Yes! Go to work. The office #2 staff usually teases me by sending pictures of them ordering pizza for lunch (when they are supposed to be working..) But I love it. I am so grateful that they make working weekends fun. I need the companionship right now, even though I haven’t told anyone what is going on. 

Saturday night: Mass is at 4. Could go to a movie at 3:45 either Sat or Sun. I have books to read. Take the dog for a walk. Do yoga. Hot shower, hot tea, electric blanket, more Netflix. Try to get a good nights sleep. 

Sunday: Normally this is my favorite plot and plan day. Dreaming of the future. Now it feels like when I got divorced. All my hopes and dreams are ruined. Once again, I am alone and struggling. Last time I thought we broke up, I started another blog. The changes I made through that blog have lasted. Less clutter, especially. Maybe I can work on that again. I need to do some home repairs, clean the garage, sort some drawers. Maybe take photos, before and after. Bake Valentine treats. Wash my sheets, make the bed and read. Movie at 3:45. Start writing a “journey” such as Eat,Pray, Love or Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

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