3 Weeks – Moderate Thoughts


You know how we all want 0 & 10 as addicts and 5 sucks? I need to get my old brain working on some 5 issues.

I want : To run away on vacation.10!  I’m planning: Nothing. Zero.

Answer: Dunno….. What is middle ground? Books & Movies – I do these, probably a 2 or 3 on the Escapism Meter. Run to the bigger town & do errands/ shopping? 3/4. Going to Mpls to visit family? 7/8. No surprises or anticipation to any of these things though. 

I want: A big garden 10! Can all my produce & buy nothing from grocery store 10! I’m planning: Yep, planning. Doing nothing. Zero.

Answer: Container gardening. Small garden. I’ve had offers from friends to use their yard since my house is for sale. 

I want: My old life back pre-break up! I’m planning: Nothing or a half hearted attempt to keep it the same.

Answer: Accept what each day brings. Not looking back, not looking forward.

The Search For 5….. A NEW HOBBY that gets me out of my head and house, is a challenge, fulfills me without draining me, is sustainable! 

Not Search For 5…..Sit, relax, no goals.

Finding 5 ……Finish Stuff…..It may be time to address my own home. My photos, my hundreds of cookie cutters, stamping supplies, Legos. Maybe it’s time to KonMari my life. If I get rid of stuff, who or what is left behind? If my summer is spent working on myself versus giving my time, talents and energy away, who will emerge? How will it be reflected in my daily routine? 

Finding 5 – Feels like relaxing into the best of myself. No ten, no zero. Action without crazy. Yep, that feels like 5.

12 thoughts on “3 Weeks – Moderate Thoughts

  1. Hi Lori,
    I remember that “rut”. Sometimes we have to push our selves to do stuff that we never have time for. I find when I go through my tucker totes, I sit for hours reminishing about the good times, sad times, and what I want to keep and DON’T want to keep and no longer want any memories to it, these “things”, If it brings you back to the past with bad, sad or lonely feelings, GET RID OF IT! Cleanse your soul of the past.
    You’ll be surprised at how great you will start to feel. Patience, is, key!
    Make your 5 and happy one, and keep in mind that, only you, can make your journey worthwhile….
    Have a great weekend!

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    • I also just really want to be done grieving RIGHT NOW and get back to normal. I wish I hadn’t been so happy last year. On a side note, I got my garbage disposal but can’t pick it up because we got snowed in.


  2. green&sober

    Lori this is spot on!

    Describes the behaviour I recognise in myself the whole time. I loved on the extremes and didn’t know how to do the normal stuff. The life stuff, the everyday.

    Aiming for 5 is a wonderful way of capturing this aim. Thanks for he post Lori xx

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