March Madness


Oh sheesh…just realized these old hats someone gave my kids 15 years ago were not really appropriate for the sober blog. They were sure fun for toddlers! 

7 thoughts on “March Madness

    • Thanks – I’m seriously considering taking it off the market because I couldn’t deal with the stress of moving right now. On the other hand, I’m just letting it sit on the market so that if it happens I will have to trust that it’s okay to move on. Is it always so hard to move?

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      • Good question. I think your indecision is sending a mixed message to the universe about what you actually want. Maybe it’s because rather than moving towards something you are moving away from something without clarity of where you want to be. So if you were like: here’s where I want to be *insert description* and you see yourself and your life there, I think everything else would fall into place. So maybe you’re not ready??

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      • Ooh, I like this. It really rings true. The only reason I put my house on the market was that I wasn’t working. Now, the thought of moving before I’m ready is overwhelming. Around here, I would be downsizing to run down, not to a done house. I would just be moving my crap (emotional & real) from one spot to another. And taking on another remodel, and this house isn’t even finished! Before this break up I did have a vision for myself, but I was within a relationship. Now I have to re-think my vision as a lonely spinster 😉 I think you’re right. I’m struggling against moving because I don’t have clarity because I’m still grieving this loss. You are brilliant my friend!!!!

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      • I’m really happy that helped! It just reminded me of “wherever you go, there you are.” You’re a hard working lady, you deserve a nice place to live. I relate to being a single parent and feeling like you’re never going to get your head above the water. I will tell you that as soon as I convinced myself that “I will always have enough” my life changed. Not a lot, just “enough” which needs no qualifier.
        And let’s replace the “spinster” label with KICK-ASS, STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN, shall we??

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