Life at 5 – Moderation Compromise


I found myself attracted to the ‘Declutter’ posts on Pinterest. I signed up for one that was a 15 minute a day for 2017 Challenge. As I have made HUGE strides in reducing clutter, I knew it would not be overwhelming, but would just give me a gentle nudge. 

A Fantastic 5 Weekend! 

I started with one drawer, and it completely took my mind away from thinking of my shame and sadness. My goal was to get the drawer 100% empty. I ended the weekend with 4 completely empty drawers and an empty head too.

From my last post Anne reminded me to not take on any major projects, so I stopped at noon on Sunday and got the house back to normal. Then I painted my toes, washed my sheets and watched Woman In Gold while eating both popcorn & ice cream! 

In the last three weeks I have had only two small cringes of wanting to drink. For that I am grateful! One was definitely when I watched the movie. When I first began the process of getting sober in 2013, I couldn’t watch movies at night because of the triggers. (I LOVED watching them in the morning with coffee though!)


  • Got out of my head.
  • Cleaned out drawers
  • Picked up the house early in the day, leaving time for…


  • Pretty polished toes
  • Clean sheets
  • Movie with popcorn & ice cream
  • Waking up to a clean home

3 thoughts on “Life at 5 – Moderation Compromise

  1. love this! i have found solace in getting rid of things as well, realizing I was hanging onto so many things I didn’t need (or that I had bad memories associated with) and realizing that I can also live with less…it created a deep feeling of freedom within me! glad to see that it is something others also find joy in 🙂

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