6 Weeks – How did This Happen?


Because I have blogged for years, I get to look back. How did getting to 6 weeks sober get “easy”? Only because I did the hard work a little at a time, over many years, with lots of starts and stops. Each time built a stronger foundation. 

It feels like, “Mom, Mark is poking me!” Mom sighs, “Just move.” 

  1. I want Mom to fix it. Someone tell me how to be sober. Just do it for me.
  2. I want Mark to stop poking me. If only everyone else would quit bugging me, needing me, if the stress would go away, I could stay sober.
  3. Mom is frustrated. She has the answer. It’s (sort of) simple. Just don’t drink today.
  4. I move. I stand further back from the problem. I take action. I can’t make Mark stop poking me, I can’t make Mom stop Mark poking me. I, however, can move. [Or I can say No & punch him.] All those answers start with me taking action.

In these last six weeks being sober, I’ve taken action. I have tools built from past experiences. I’ve developed a hundred different ways to step back from my annoying brother.

Taking a drink every night felt like getting poked. I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop. 

Being sober makes me feel powerful. I can’t stop all  the stupid people in this world from trying to poke me (politics, overtime, health care, violence, global warming, no chocolate in the house). But I have learned what makes me thrive. 

Sometimes nibbling a lemon cookie and sipping hot tea in the evening and watching everyone else poke each other is a good place to be. 

Just move.

8 thoughts on “6 Weeks – How did This Happen?

  1. BklynTexan

    I love the idea of sipping on tea and eating a cookie and watching everyone else poke each other. I’ll carry that with me. Thank you!!


  2. You may not even see this comment because the post is so old, but I’m catching up on some reading today. As I start yet again, this post grabbed me. Maybe my time is now!


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