7 Weeks – Day 50


It’s the final push of tax season. Nothing gets finished. Tax returns are the most complicated right now, so most times you can’t finish in one sitting. 

There is no cleaning at home, no cooking and sooo many school obligations.

No closure and completion, just a sense of get through this…

My much needed weekend of rest has been cut short with a staff member’s emergency. I have to get dressed today, lol. 

I had some cravings to drink last night. A miscommunication and too many mandatory commitments made me upset because it will add more schedule juggling next week.

 I was excited to come home and watch Room. I had recently finished this haunting book and a movie night seemed perfect. My thoughts went to ‘happy to be done & would love to check out with a warm glass of red’.

I talked on the (headset) phone while driving to avoid stopping at the store. I made it, but know that this could be a tough weekend of cravings to drink.

My plan is to stick close to home and focus on not being busy. I really need some things to close before Monday. Meaning, no dirty dishes, laundry done and house picked up. Just some surface stuff, but a fresh beginning to next week. Put away some left out projects to pick up a few weeks from now. 

I need to cook. I need to rest. I need to read. I need to plant some seeds. The smells of warm potting soil, strawberry rhubarb bars, homemade bread, clean sheets.Time getting lost in a book until the oven timer goes off. Reading ONE chapter as a reward for vacuuming ONE room. Clean sheets. Did i say that already?! Aahh….That kind of rest.

The strawberry rhubarb bars smell amazing right now…..

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