8 Weeks  – Less is More


Three weeks and counting until my time off begins. At least this year I have just reached exhaustion level instead of in January! Despite the pressure of society to do more, make more, have more, I am very content to continue to take things OFF my plate. Do less, make less, have less. 

I am almost resentful of my work as my passions are kicking into overdrive. Just when I need a good restful break, my work is getting intense. My resistance to the alcohol is getting harder. I did a couple things yesterday to avoid buying wine. 

  • I shopped during a break at work instead of after.
  • I bought 3 bags of chocolate candy. The candy is in the same aisle across from the wine. I turned my back on the wine.
  • I tried to avoid the store for the last couple weeks, but finally my kid put FOOD on the grocery list. I said what kind, he said anything, we have NO FOOD! It was sadly true. 
  • I put my headphones on and listened to a podcast driving home.
  • I ate candy for dinner and went to bed an hour after I got home.

For the weekend, I need to focus on relaxing again. Getting a mental break from work if I can’t take a physical break. When I do something, I want to be sure it is not “making more”. 

  • When laundry gets to be too much, I need to donate some clothes. 
  • When I shop & can’t fit the food in, I have overbought. (Not this week!) 
  • When I don’t have time for hobbies, I am overworked. 
  • When I am too tired to read in bed, I have waited too long to go to bed.
  • When there are piles of “to-do’s” I am too scattered in my thoughts.

Relaxation to me, means starting and finishing. 

  • Cooking & then washing & putting back the dishes. 
  • Starting laundry & finishing drying & putting it all away.( I have a system that I only do one load a day.)
  • At work I group my day. I return all phone calls at one time. I do data entry for one block of time. I look at emails all at once. If something else comes up, it moves to the next block of time.

Candy, clean sheets, movies, reading, cooking and seed planting is the plan for staying sober and relaxing this weekend. 

6 thoughts on “8 Weeks  – Less is More

  1. Susanne Blumer

    Yes, the grocery story is my nemesis too. Sometimes. But I have a family to cook for so I have to go! Thankfully the wine is off in a corner by itself so I can breeze by it pretty easily most times. Wish you a relaxing weekend. Sounds like you need it!

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  2. this line “When laundry gets to be too much, I need to donate some clothes.” what a great reminder that sometimes we have more than we need. And good for you for doing things to avoid going for the wine! thanks for sharing–it’s inspiring!

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  3. For me, it’s ice cream…but of course it has to have chocolate chips, or chocolate sauce on it!
    Peanut m and m’s are my go to!
    You have a lot to balance, and I think life is never perfectly balanced, no matter how we try.
    I am trying to accept that some days will seem to roll just fine, and other days not.

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