Alone Time


(I’m going to get caught up to current soon, but this is what I wrote the second day of my KC trip.)

I looked in the hotel mirror and realised how poorly I have been taking care of myself. This quiet time alone is vastly different than a quiet night at home. No dog to take outside, no thoughts of tomorrow. Every minute and every meal is already planned for me. A maid comes and cleans up my messes. It is truly just ME time. I don’t have one thing to worry about or plan for. I just let others do stuff and all that is left over is ME. I am not a mom or a doggie mom. I don’t have a home to care for or meals to plan or make or shop for. I don’t have to even keep up my side of the conversation.

I am neater here. I’m not distracted. I only have myself.

I have not been away from my 17 & 15 year old this long. Ever.

One thought on “Alone Time

  1. It’s nice to hear you are finding yourself…it’s funny. Sometimes when I am alone I feel sorry for myself and create loneliness. But I love solitude. And no responsibilities.

    The mind is a curious thing.

    Happy to hear from you!

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