KC Sober Fun


The true highlight of my trip was meeting a sober blog friend. As some of my blogging friends have posted recently, these are some of our dearest, closest friendships.

As most of you know I am not a 12 Stepper, and when we were figuring out what to do, she mentioned that she had always wanted to go to this 12 Step Buddhist Meeting downtown. Oh wow. I was thinking more like hmmm… BBQ?!? (Which we totally did afterwards.)

So, we find ourselves cruising around the city, map questing to find this meeting. I am not sure what to expect, but I’m keeping an open mind. We find the church and walk in. The receptionist let’s us know we are in the right place and shares that prior to this meeting there is time for meditation. Cool. We head down the hall and I’m thinking, big city, big meeting, cold sterile room like on Mom’s or a typical church basement. Nope. It is in a very small chapel. Absolutely beautiful stained glass, intimate and quiet. There are about 5 chairs on either side of the small room and we are the first to arrive.

As the next few people come in, they begin to unroll mats and sit on the floor. I’m a little nervous because they are all men, but then the leader comes in and it’s a woman. She invites us to sit on a mat or stay in a chair, whatever is most comfortable. My friend is a yoga/meditation kind of girl so we happily hit the floor. There is only enough room for about 8 people on the floor and in this small beautiful room it is very intimate.

The leader shares with us that this Meeting is done in the tradition of Buddhism. And we begin with a good 20 minute meditation. So nice!! The remainder of the meeting was us sharing, which was so cool to do that while sitting on the floor, not staring at each other from cold folding chairs. This was a group that has been together for a while and meets regularly. We most certainly brought some new energy to them that night.

Who would have thought that a 12-Step meeting would be the highlight of my trip!

2 thoughts on “KC Sober Fun

  1. Refuge recovery?
    I went a couple times when I was in a bigger city. I liked it, although I found the group I went to fairly young and perhaps not as serious as the people at AA.

    I think it would be an excellent transition support for someone with some sober time and looking for more.


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