Hanging in here….


Almost slipped last night. I forget how bad the cravings are each night. If I can just make it to 7, put on my pj’s and cuddle in my robe to watch tv, I’m good. I keep telling myself to keep upping the self-care. Yesterday I took the day off but ended up getting pulled in lots of directions. Luckily none near the grocery store. I decided to take today off too!

I recognized, and so did my friends, that I was starting to go into panic mode over my office crisis. Hopefully stepping away from work for two days will avert a meltdown.

Work Crisis


One of my offices had water damage and I chose to leave that space. The landlord would not fix the problem. I moved all my furniture and computers to my other location in the back room and…..the bathtub upstairs overflowed and poured water on the computers. The insurance adjuster had just been there a few days earlier so he didn’t need to come back for the second crisis.

I looked back at my blog post from May and it said that I couldn’t finish one crisis before the next one started. Here we go again.

I had a Plan A, B & C for choosing a new office location. I am now up to Plan G with no good lead on where to rent. I was really good with the stress for the first three weeks and now it’s getting to me.

Where is my sobriety at during this? Let’s call this Day One.