Good Thing No Wine In House


I have 3 cars. As of last night at 8 pm in another town, I am down to just one. I had to ask the uncomfortable question, “Can someone drive me home?” after an already late evening. Thankfully it was a farmer’s wife who understands that when her guy is in the field they can’t stop the combine to help you.

It was a day filled with too many little things going wrong all at once. My other car will be in the shop for 4 more days. Kids almost missed haircuts. Frantic texting & calling. Then anther call with my senior who has a leading role in the school play tomorrow has stomach issues. What did we all do before Immodium!?!

I can’t imagine how bad I would feel if I would have had one ( haha 3) glasses of wine before bed. Oh wait. I know exactly how crappy I would feel this morning. And right now, even though I have a pounding headache from stress, it’s a whole lot better than a hangover headache.

I am grateful to NOT be hungover while watching my son in the play tonight. If my car had worked last night I may have stopped to get wine on the way home. My broken car gave me the opportunity to have another sober day.

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